Article 28.


Substitute Resolution on the War in Iraq



That the Town of Provincetown go on record to support an end to unilateral military intervention, and for redirection of war expenditures to address growing societal  inadequacies, both at home and in Iraq.


Support our troops by bringing them home. Provide them housing, provide them health care, provide them socially valuable jobs, provide them education.


Provide for their home communities affordable housing, healthcare, education and employment opportunity, and adequate social security. Their families and neighbors deserve no less.


Support self-determination for the people of Iraq, with the restoration of housing, adequacy of healthcare services, respect for the educational system, and protection for the social needs of the civilian population.


RESOLVED, that the Provincetown Town Clerk shall forward copies of this resolution to President Bush, Senators Kennedy and Kerry and to all members of the Massachusetts U.S. Congressional delegation.