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"War is Not the Answer"
"Attack Iraq? NO!"

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A collection...
"Patriots for Peace"
"Inspections Work. War Won't"
"Gulf War II- Clone of the Attack"

Make your own Peace Signs

Let's bomb Texas, they have oil too.
How did our oil get under their sand?
If you can't pronounce it, don't bomb it.
Daddy, can I start the war now?
Drunken Frat Boy Drives Country Into Ditch
1000 points of light and one dim bulb.
Sacrifice our SUV's, Not our Children.
Preemptive impeachment.
No George, I said Mac Attack.
Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld: the asses of evil.
$1 billion a day to kill people -- what a bargain.
Consume -- Consume -- Bomb -- Bomb -- Consume -- Consume
Disarm Bush too.
Big Brother isn't coming -- he's already here.
Empires fall.
An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind (Gandhi).
Impeach the squatters.
Mainstream white guys for peace. (Sign held by three mainstream-looking white guys)
Hans Blix -- look over here.
Let Exxon send their own troops.
Destroy Florida. [It could happen again]
There's a terrorist behind every Bush.
We can't afford to rule the world.
War is so 20th century!
9-11-01: 15 Saudis, 0 Iraqis.
Drop Bush not bombs.
I asked for universal health care and all I got was this lousy stealthbomber.
America's problems won't be solved in Iraq.
War is Not a Family Value.
Picture of the peace symbol: Back by Popular Demand.
A picture of Bush with a red-stained upper lip: "Got blood?"
A picture of Bush saying "Why should I care what the American people think? They didn't vote for me."
A picture of Bush saying "Ask me about my lobotomy."
Beneath a picture of a menacing soldier pointing his rifle/bayonet toward the viewer: Say it! One Nation under God. Say it!
These colors don't run the world.
One nation under surveillance.
How did our oil get under their sand?
(With pictures of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) Asses of Evil.
It's the oil, stupid.
War is expensive, Peace is priceless.
Read between the Pipelines
How many Lives per Gallon?
Peace Takes Brains
Anything War can do, Peace can do better.
Oh Say can You Cease?
Power to the Peaceful
The last time we listened to a Bush, we wandered in the desert for 40 years.
When is Iraq coming to inspect the U.S.'s weapons of Mass Destruction?
Restore the Bill of Rights
George, Don't do it - Daddy will still love you.
Peace - the Final Frontier
Fear is a weapon of mass destruction
Anti-War is Pro-Life
We had a Coup, now we have a Dictator
I want my Civil Rights Back
Kids against War
Healthcare not Warfare
Rich Man's War - Poor Man's Blood
Obey International Law
The Emperor has no Brains
Money for Schools not Bombs
America Wake-up and Smell the Catastrophe
Stop the Bushit
When will the Army liberate us from our Dictator?
Go Solar not Ballistic
No Corporate Welfare
No Blood for Oil
Bomb fleas - not people (sign on a dog)
Citizens with Portfolios against the War
Read my lips - No new War
Drop Bush - not Bombs
Who would Jesus Bomb?
Got Oil?
Hybrid Drivers for Peace - my car sips gas - yours sucks gas
Draft the SUV Drivers
One God - under national security
If War is the Answer - We're asking the wrong question
More Tolerance - less Arrogance
Proud to be an American Imperialist
The INS breaks up families
Even Kissinger thinks it's a Bad Idea
Bomb if they Do - Bomb if they Don't
The only difference between Bush & Hussein - Hussein was elected.
Civilization: either you're with it - or?
I don't' want a piece of you - I want peace with you
War is a Dick thing - Peace is a heart thing
If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention
Somewhere in Texas a village has lost it's idiot
Draft SUV drivers FIRST!
"wa wa saddam tried to kill your daddy"
"Al Qaeda had a first-strike policy, too."
"Send the Shrub a pretzel"
"Will trade Bush for peace"
Makeup, not war (a glittery pair of red lips on a black sign)
My sign is peace
Peace is not a fringe movement (needless to say, the sign was ringed with
turquoise fringe)
Colin Powell, you're from the Bronx. SHAME ON YOU!
Draft the Bush Twins!
One nation under surveillance
Regime change at the White House
Reasons for war are Bushit. We support the UN and we are not irrelevant
A peace sign made from silver duct tape: DUCT TAPE FOR PEACE.
Deport me to France
Drunken frat boy drives country into ditch
Tell us what to think.
Flags with the stars replaced by white company logos, mostly oil companies,
but also the Nike swoosh. "BUSH KNEW"
?Is it Fascism yet??
I (heart) O E [for Old Europe]
"Not this war"
Frodo has failed! Bush has the ring!?
Go Solar Not Ballistic
Peace takes brains
"No blood for morons"
"i don't care what the people think; they didn't vote for me anyway" --president bush
with a bush and a dick in the white house, everyone gets f***ed
fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity
"Duct tape and plastic are petroluem products!"
a guy dressed in glam, roller skating around with feathers and sparkles, carrying a sign: "Honey, I AM the bomb."
How did our oil get underneath their sand?
Stop Mad Cowboy Disease!
regime change begins at home'
empty war-heads discovered in Washington
Osama Bin Forgotten????
"If we wanted a war we would have elected him."
Vaginas for peace not Bushes for war.
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