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Bush Opponents Organizing Events around President's
June 25 Visit to Cape Cod Billionaire William Koch

- Bush 'Media Op' at Osterville Sea Scout Ceremony Sparks Broad Coalition of Opponents to Administration's Foreign and Domestic Agenda -

CAPE COD, Mass., May 28, 2004 - Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, the local affiliate of United for Peace & Justice, America's largest and broadest peace and justice coalition, today announced a series of political actions for Friday, June 25, and Saturday, June 26, 2004. More than a dozen political, peace and justice, civil rights, veterans, community of faith, and other organizations already have pledged to support and participate in various free-speech actions sparked by President George W. Bush's plans to attend a Sea Scout ceremony at the Osterville, Mass., seaside mansion of billionaire Bush supporter William Koch.

"Our starting point is to demand an immediate end of the Iraq war, but Cape Codders intend to send Bush a broader message: 'None of your agenda is welcome here,'" said David Agnew, a CCPJ spokesperson. "We're telling Bush to 'take your anti-human policies back with you to Crawford, Texas.' We demand an immediate change in course, to one that seeks real peace and genuine justice for all."

CCPJ and other participating groups and individuals are in the process of planning various June 25-26 events. While embracing the diversity of opinion that is vital to the democratic process, CCPJ and its allies are unified in opposition to the major planks of Bush's campaign platform, and are calling for:

An end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq and the so-called "War on Terror" - bring the troops home now and immediately cease the torture, illegal "detentions," indiscriminate killings of civilians, and other White House-directed military actions that blatantly defy the Geneva Conventions and public opinion worldwide while inciting terror and causing needless death and injury to U.S. soldiers, who deserve fully funded VA healthcare instead of scapegoating for crimes ordered by the administration and Pentagon brass. 
An end to economic policies that value profits over people - America's middle class, poor and working people deserve universal healthcare, well-funded education, and good jobs. Developing nations deserve genuinely fair trade. We call for an end to the transfer of wealth from working and middle-class Americans and impoverished nations to multinational corporations, international financial institutions, and the super-rich.
An end to environmental policies that literally threaten humanity's survival - rampant pollution, untested genetically modified foods, and unchecked natural resource consumption - all aggressively supported by Bush policies as payback for corporate campaign contributions.

An end to the unconstitutional suppression of free speech and civil rights - support nationwide gay marriage rights, repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, and eliminate other anti-democratic policies that deny fundamental rights, privacy, and due process - not only to "enemy" combatants but also to immigrants, foreign students, minorities and Native Americans, women, activists, and anyone opposing the administration's agenda. 

The diverse coalition led by CCPJ - which includes U.S. war veterans and activists focused on a range of anti-war, economic, civil liberty, and environmental issues - says it intends to exercise its First Amendment rights to speak out freely.

"As support for Bush plummets, the administration and its allies are frantic to marginalize what has become mainstream opposition to their divide-and-conquer tactics and their 'unending war and corporate welfare' agenda," said Agnew, citing as one example the continued denial of United for Peace & Justice's permit application to rally in New York's Central Park during the Republican National Convention in August. "Cape Codders have a centuries-long history of speaking our minds and we will exercise our constitutionally guaranteed rights - because this is what democracy looks like."

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About Cape Codders for Peace and Justice

Cape Codders for Peace and Justice (CCPJ) is a Cape Cod-based affiliate of United for Peace & Justice. The mission of Cape Codders for Peace and Justice is to actively promote and encourage democratic, multi-racial and non-violent decisions in all aspects of our nation's domestic and foreign policy. The group joins progressive individuals and organizations across the Cape, including ad hoc alliances well as ongoing affiliation with groups that include:

·         Alliance for Base Cleanup
·         Cape Cod Bill of Rights Defense Committee
·         Cape Codders for John Kerry
·         Clothesline Project
·         Fellowship of Reconciliation (Cape Cod)
·         Green-Rainbow Party of Cape Cod
·         Outer Cape Peace and Justice Circle
·         Resource Center for Peace and Justice
·         The Brewster Peace Organizing Project
·         POCLAD (Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy)
·         Social Justice Committee, First Parish Brewster, Unitarian Universalist
·         Veterans Against "W"
·         Veterans for Peace
·         WILPF Cape Cod (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)

Awareness, education and non-violent action are the tools CCPJ uses to better understand and confront our nation's dominant institutions and powers. CCPJ challenges global corporate capital in the promulgation of war, environmental destruction and impoverishment, and seeks peace, freedom, justice, democracy, and respect for the rights and security of all people, as well as the earth's living environment.

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