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The universe is wider than our views of it. - Henry David Thoreau

CCPJ presents:

The Open Parachute Film Series (Flyer)

06 January: OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

13 January: The Occult History of the Third Reich - Part I

20 January: Unconstitutional: THe war on our Civil Liberties

27 January: Sudan: The Quick and The Terrible

Each Friday at 7pm
Harwich Community Center on Oak Street
Free (donations gratefully accepted)

Come join us for viewings of documentaries / educational videos in an attempt to broaden our understanding of the world and people around us.

The mind is like a Parachute: It works only when it is open.

Want to help set up an Upper Cape Open Parachute Film Series? Contact Justin Kelley at thematch (at), by phone at 508 362 0409, or through PO Box 315, West Barnstable, MA 02668.

Wellfleet Peace Drum Film Circle

Every Other Thursday Film Series...
7 PM in the meeting Room at the Wellfleet Public Library


Based on the traditional Zen story The Magic Seed, this fable takes us to far away places while conveying an important message about honesty and compassion. An old man tells stories to the neighborhood children until his age and health dictate that he must find a replacement storyteller to hold The Face. A wonderful tale for the whole family. Written by James Baldwin and Directed by Iain McCraig, the brilliant mind behind the art concepts of the last three Star Wars films. [23 minutes, in English]

A gentle, sweet story of love from afar set in the commercial district of an Irish village. While she keeps shop, all day long Phillipa dreams of the bank guard across the street, wondering if he sees her too. How long can she live yearning, dreaming and wondering, before something happens to answer all of her questions? An affirmation of the validity of our inner feelings, and the courage it takes to act upon them! Written and Directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. [15 minutes, in English]

Delivering Milo
A movie we've been waiting a full year to bring to The Spiritual Cinema Circle, this feature is worth the wait! Starring Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott and Albert Finney in a wonderful tale of birth, life, death and all states in between. Milo is supposed to be born....any minute now. But he's not quite convinced that being in the body is where he wants to be. This film is a beautiful journey through the trials and tribulations of this glorious experience that we call life, reminding us all why we've chosen to be here. (Written by Heidi Levitt, David Hubbard and Diana Wagman....directed by Nick Castle .....94 minutes in English)

Showing FRIDAY, Jan 27th at 7pm - Wellfleet Library
Donation $10.00
The Hopi Nation has guarded its ancient secrets for thousands of years, and in recent times only small portions of their prophesies have been shared with the public. We knew, however, that some of the prophesies related to the New Children and their important role in creating the New World. It was a great surprise, then, when we received a letter from the elders of the tribe offering to share their secrets in the new Indigo documentary.


This is an unprecedented event, and the wisdom received from these elders will have a great and immediate impact on the whole world. These secrets have been hidden for many centuries, but the Hopis believe that this is the right time for them to be revealed, and "The Indigo Evolution" is the vehicle through which many of them will be shared with humanity.

A Letter from James Twyman: "After the premier test screening of the documentary "The Indigo Evolution" in Phoenix over a month ago, most people shared that this was the film they were waiting for. They said that it not only gave a complete picture of the phenomenon, but a positive direction for humanity itself. We thought we were finished with the film at that time, until, that is, we received an invitation from the Hopi elders to interview them about their ancient prophesies and how they relate to the Indigos. What they told us was astounding, and the message from these elders has now become the central theme for the entire film. They said that we actually can change the direction of humanity, reversing the terrible tide of earth cleansing which we have been experiencing around the world. They told us that it's not too late, but only if we come together now, and that the children have a critical role to play. Because of this information we went back into the editing room and re-cut much of the film. I believe we have now produced the documentary we have promised, a film that could very well change the world."

Last year over 140,000 people saw INDIGO at over 700 churches or theaters around the world. We hope that more people will see "THE INDIGO EVOLUTION" for the Second Annual World Indigo Day on January 28, 2006. Please visit our website at for complete details on where the documentary will be showing near you. If there presently isn't a showing near you, check back nearer the event, or ask a church near you to become a sponsor. Also, you may choose to sponsor a showing yourself. Go to for all the details.

INDIGO IN AUSTRALIA: Join James Twyman throughout Australia and New Zealand for "The Indigo Evolution" and workshops on the Indigo Children. Please check our website, for details and dates.

For more info on the WPDFC: 508-349-2954 or sunspirit (at)

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