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Posted on Cape Cod Living - Monday, June 20, 2005

Everybody knows. So, it goes. I woke up this morning to a song by Leonard Cohen. I can't get this one song out of my head. It goes something like this...

Everybody knows that the war is over Everybody knows that the good guys lost Everybody knows So, it goes...

Cohen is from Canada. Cohen sings of a different war than the one we read of every day, but his words resonated none-the-less. (Sometimes I think the Canadians are more seditious than the French.)

It seems like war is on everybody's mind these days. U.S. Rep. Bill Delahunt was in Falmouth this weekend talking about his position on the war. He reportedly said, "his 2002 vote against authorizing the Iraq war was the best decision he's made in Congress, and that the U.S. prosecution of the war has harmed national security by fostering 'anti-Americanism' worldwide."

Three years seems like a long time to stay quiet on this topic.

Delahunt's new tune is inspired by Rep. Walter "Freedom-Fry" Jones, R-N.C. Last week, Jones co-sponsored a non-binding resolution with Reps. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) and Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio - remember him!) to raise debate on Iraq.

Rep. Jones reportedly said:

"What we all agree on is that it is time for a public discussion of our goals and the future of our military involvement in Iraq,"

To his credit Jones has personally written 1300 letters to the families of soldiers that have fallen in the Iraq conflict. Jones is not a high profile man. He calls himself a "foot soldier" in Congress. But, he made the headlines last week by quoting some very unpopular numbers --

1,700 dead, 12,000 wounded.

Jones has said that he is nowhere near becoming a peace activist, just a man who believes he's following his conscience. Jones wants us out of Iraq. He's had enough.

Jones is a man of deep Catholic faith and talks openly about his faith. He reportedly said,

"If doing what's right means I don't return to Congress, then it's God's will," he says. "And God knows my heart."

With all the polling being done on the Cape these days, I'm surprised that no one bothered to ask Cape residents about their opinion of the war. Sentiment in Jones' historically conservative district in North Carolina has support for the war running about 50-50. I'd imagine that Delahunt's numbers are about the same.

If you ask 18-21 year olds on the Cape if they want to fight and die in Iraq, I expect the numbers are a good deal less than 50-50.

When the war first broke out, my wife and I went to the public library and checked out every book we could find on Iraq. It took us all of 40 minutes to figure out that we were headed for a big mess. I'm glad our friends in North Carolina are now coming to this same realization. My only regret is that the rest of us were quiet for so long.

I think one of our readers hit the nail on the coffin when she wrote:

"Remember the slogan, 'What if we had a war and no one showed up?' Well, guess what. It has started to happen."

If our kids hadn't stopped participating in this war effort by not signing up for military duty, do you think this house of cards would be falling now?

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